Newberry Motor Trade

Motor Trade InsuranceWhat is it?

Simply it is a Motor Trade policy that enables a Motor Trader to drive any vehicles he owns, is selling, or he is working on.

Who Can Buy a Motor Trade Policy?

Anyone over 21  who earns an income full or part time from the motor trade, from business premises, mobile or from home eg: Valeters, car valeters  Auto Electricians, Mechanics, Motor Engineers, Motor Traders, Panel Beaters, Windscreen Repairers, M.O.T Stations, Trade Platers, Chip Repairers, and including anyone involved in Car Sales, Service or Repairs, Breakdown and Recovery, Car Delivery, Removal of Dents and Scratches, Auto Signwriting. Anyone who earns an income from buying and selling motor vehicles, or from working on them.

It is a little more complicated if you also have another job and can be a little more expensive.

We can normally arrange a motor trade policy for over 21 year old mechanics and valeters. These polices have special terms for 21 year old mechanics and valeters and are not suitable for traders who buy and sell cars.

Young Drivers - 23 and 24

In addition to mechanics and valeters with just one vehicle - we can now cover businesses which buy and sell cars provided they have at least one years No Claims Bonus in their own name.

Premiums are not cheap  - and range from £3000 upwards at your age. We can give you a rough indication over the phone - but to secure an actual quotation we need you to complete and submit a full proposal form and the process will take 2 working days minimum.

Who Cannot Buy a Motor Trade Policy?

Motor trade polices for under 21 year old drivers are not possible at this time.

Someone not connected to the motor trade seeking only to insure a number of vehicles, or one highly rated vehicle cheaply.

Some part time motor traders with some other driving jobs can be difficult.

What Does a Motor Trade Road Risks policy cover?

There are only a limited number of insurance companies offering motor trade road risks policies and none of the policies give exactly the same cover, so beware the cheap motor trade quote as it may not give all the cover you need. A few of the variations and extensions are detailed below.

Some motor trade policies (but not all) can be extended to cover vehicles at your home -otherwise they will cover you only whilst in the course of a journey.

The policies DO NOT cover vehicles which belong to named drivers. Only the policy holder's vehicles are normally covered.

The policies DO NOT cover vehicles loaned or hired to the policy holder. They only cover the policy holder's vehicles and those belonging to customers.

Cover can be Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only. They will normally cover specified drivers whilst they are driving vehicles which either belong to the policy holder or are in the policyholders possession for motor trade purposes.

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